Our Staff Charter

Our staff are our lifeline. Although we’re on a mission to reinvent marketing we want to change the workplace too – we want to change our relationship with staff for the better. Like our client charter any changes to this require the approval of everyone working or affiliated with the business. It’s only fair.

1. We promise to help you develop both professionally and personally. Want to visit a conference? Need time off to think about life? We’re all ears.
2. You have a voice. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you work as. You have a voice and can concern any suggestions or problems. We have several systems in place that ensure that you can let us know about everything and anything.
3. You’ll be recognised. If you’ve done something amazing or resolved an issue, we have a few ways in which this could be highlighted, we could notice it ourselves or a client might just let us know. We have a fund dedicated to rewarding our staff for being the best that they can be.
4. You’re here to help us. And we won’t forget that, without you we wouldn’t be here.
5. We’ll be here for you. Sometimes life can throw some crazy things at you. Its why we will always work with you to iron those out. We promise to do everything within our power to help you back on your feet. We’re family.
6. Perks as standard. We promise to give you access to industry-leading health insurance and company perks. If we need to change these at any time, we will let you know before any changes are made to make sure you’re happy with them. If not – let us know.
7. We’ll pay you fairly. Being the best starts with staff salaries, we’ll always pay you the best rate in the industry for your role. We promise to review your wage every 3 months to ensure we’re paying you at least the industry average for your role.
8. You can always get to know us better. Wondering how the sales team works? Or client services? If you ever want to get to know other parts of our operations, just let us know. We’ll let you snoop around and get to know us better.
9. We will always respect your right to give back. From joining the reserves to helping your local community centre. We promise to always support your aims to give back.