Our Client Charter

We want our clients to be happy it’s why we have a clear charter in place that compliments us both. We promise to adhere to this always. We are so serious about it, that any changes to it, require the approval of all our shareholders, clients and staff.

1. We understand that every business is different. It’s why we promise to take care in getting to know your business fully to understand both your needs and wants. We’ll be personal and won’t just see you as a number or goal.
2. We promise to deliver. Even if it means moving mountains. We’ll make sure we deliver what we’ve promised exactly when we said we would.
3. Should you need us, we’ll be here. We don’t like working outside of working hours or weekends, but you will always have access to both email and phone of both co-founders as standard. Give us a call at 2am – we’ll be happy to help.
4. We’re here to complement your business and help it grow. We get extreme satisfaction out of our happy clients. We’ll always work towards your goals in everything we do.
5. We’re here to help both big and small. From blue-chip companies to a local coffee shop – you’re no different in our eyes. We won’t treat certain clients differently. We will always offer you as much advice and support as we can.
6. Trust and respect. We’ll be working together closely, its why we promise to treat you with the utmost trust and respect. We expect the same from you.
7. We want to be best friends. Although we love short-term contracts and one-off projects, we want to be your best friend. We’ll be here to help through both the good and bad times. Our aim is to see businesses flourish and that doesn’t stop once a project is over.
8. We want to reinvent marketing. That’s our mission. We will always provide you with a normal industry approach but sometimes we might suggest things that may not be the norm. We want us both to be industry-leaders and we’ll work with you to make sure we’re being the best we can be.