Investor Relations

Goetz and Sarfati is owned by both co-founders Sohail Sarfati Iqbal and Adelaide Goetz, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be open about how we’re doing and what we could offer to potential investors as we seek to mix our leadership team and shareholders.

We’re offering a 10% shareholding in Goetz and Sarfati to people or companies with a similar vision and ethics as us. You’ll be expected to play a role within the business and how it operates, you’ll also be integral to ensuring we diversifying our business and the talented people behind it.

Potential investors are being screened, do you think you’ve got what it takes to make us even more amazing? If so, we want to hear from you!

Drop an email to outlining the following:

1. Your background. Tell us all about what you’ve done.
2. Are you happy to play an active role in how we manage our business? Will you be able to commit to at least 5 hours a month?
3. Do you hold shareholdings in other companies?
4. What would you offer for a share in a business intent on changing the marketing industry? (We’re open to both money or services)

If you’d like more information about us, and how we operate, feel free to drop us an email at – we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

As we continue to operate we will post any meeting minutes, decisions and financials on this page. As such this page will be updated periodically.

Funding information

Goetz and Sarfati Limited has received state aid. The value of the de minimis aid to date is €30,450.

Latest Information
21/06/2018 – Process started: Ethical Policy Review (YEARLY)
20/06/2018 – Resolution PASSED: Client & Staff Charter