The Commonwealth Fund.

Helping businesses and charities across The Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth Fund is our way of connecting The Commonwealth. We’ve put together a fund to enhance the lives of people within The Commonwealth, by enhancing trade, governance and business.

The Commonwealth Fund will be used to provide grants, support and products to businesses and charities within The Commonwealth.

What is The Commonwealth?

The Commonwealth, also known as The Commonwealth of Nations, is a collection of 53 countries working to boost trade, create prosperity and promote democracy and human rights. Nearly all of them are former British colonies.

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The Fund's Aim

The aim of our fund is to enhance the work of The Commonwealth by helping both businesses and charities across borders. Throughout the year we will offer grants and support.

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Eligibility requirements

You must be a business or charity within The Commonwealth. You can check if your country is currently a member here.

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Current Grants & Support


Are you a start-up within the commonwealth? Or do you have an idea that will change the lives of people in your country? Goetz and Sarfati are offering a limited number of grants to help start-ups with the hurdles they may face during the first year of operations. This grant is tailor made to each client.

Grants Available: 10

Established Businesses

Are you an established business within the commonwealth looking to export your products or services to other commonwealth countries? We will work with your business to analyse your intended market, build your brand and work with export regulations.

This grant is tailor made to each client, with a limited budget.

Diana Award

Ideally an artist, graphic designer or someone with a passion for storytelling and/or marketing. To be eligible to apply you must be under 30 and a resident of a commonwealth country. We will work with you to create your campaign. Once set your campaign will be seen by thousands of people around the world. Priority will be given to applicants with a humanitarian cause.

Value: £5,000

Grants Available: 5


Humanitarian Grant

Does your charity deal with humanitarian issues? Do you have a social media budget that is currently managed internally or externally? Goetz and Sarfati are offering a limited amount of grants to existing charities who wish to explore the use of our services. This grant could cover your whole monthly social budget.

This grant is tailor made to each client, with a monthly limited budget.